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Special Projects & Other Programs Projects

Going beyond the well-defined Focus Areas, the Foundation extends support to many other programs based on community needs. These Special Projects include Support for Orphans, People with Special Needs and Elderly, Social Research Program, Protection of Environment and Slum Rehabilitation Program.


Al-Ardah: A Success Story

Al Ardah is a province in the Jizan area of Saudi Arabia. It is known as one of the poorest areas in the country, with a population that consists of 60,000 families. Most of these impoverished families live in villages scattered in the surrounding mountains. Ber Charity Society, the local charity organization striving to improve [...] Read More »

Slum Rehabilitation Program

The Foundation works in close collaboration with many associations and the national committees of the Saudi Ministry of Labor to assess the condition of some of the slums in the country. Through such assessments, the Foundation aims to identify and solve the problems of slum inhabitants and use information and education to creatively rehabilitate such [...] Read More »

Support for Orphans, People with Special Needs and Elderly

The support of the Foundation for orphans and people with special needs and elderly reflects the nature of the humanitarian work of the Foundation. The Foundation supports programs and and projects related to the training and rehabilitation of orphans, people with special needs and the elderly. The Foundation is keen to provide special services, prosthetic [...] Read More »

Developing Charities’ Institutional Capacities

As part of a strategy to fight against poverty with advanced tools, the Foundation funded a scientific study to develop the Institutional Capacities of charities. The results of this study were adopted in a long-term program to build the institutional capacities of charities across the Kingdom. The first charity to benefit was in Jizan district.

Protection of Environment

The Foundation actively supports activities related to environmental protection. In Jeddah, it contributed to the formation of an association for environment education and awareness. The Foundation also supports environmental awareness campaigns encouraging the recycling of plastics, paper and cardboard in schools all over Saudi Arabia. It is committed to promoting major environmental goals such as [...] Read More »

Social Research Program

The Foundation is keen to ensure that the programs it supports are based on community needs. To ensure this, it has commissioned a number of research and study reports to determine community and social problems that can be addressed through effective intervention. These initiatives typically involve consultants and specialists who identify the problems or issues [...] Read More »