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Women's Empowerment Projects

Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundation’s Focus Area of Women's Empowerment is based on Prince Alwaleed’s personal belief in advancing women’s empowerment and the Millennium Development Goals issued by the United Nations.

The Foundation has pursued several Female Empowerment programs in Saudi Arabia resulting in major achievements. These include programs to develop the handicrafts sector, support for ‘Seleslah’, training and employment programs, tie-ups with women’s centers and associationsand awareness and education projects focusing on health and human rights.

Woman Sowing

Support for the Al Faisaliah Women’s Charitable Society

The Foundation’s support for the Al Faisaliah Women’s Charitable Society in Jeddah through the center of “Seleslah” is a good example of cooperative efforts to support handicrafts and the women involved in the work. This project has grown during the past six years to become the center that trained and employed 150 women. The work [...] Read More »

Awareness and Education Projects

Support women’s awareness and education projects in cities and villages. This program is aimed to help women socially, legally, educationally and psychologically to enable them to take care of themselves and their families properly. Examples of such projects include: The Foundation’s support for institutions taking initiative to increase awareness of the legal and human rights [...] Read More »

Tie-ups with Women’s Centers

The Foundation monitors the labor market’s requirements and selected vocations that Saudi women specialize in, and provides training and rehabilitation programs to enable interested candidates to qualify for work. Within this framework, the Foundation works closely with women’s centers and associations in Saudi Arabia to finance these programs. Also the exhibitions and events sponsored by [...] Read More »

Handicraft Sector

The Foundation has helped establish and develop centers that encourage handicrafts production by working through women’s charitable societies, and by extending support to ‘productive family programs’ in various specialties. By supporting these programs, the Foundation helped a number of women with intermediate education and limited income to sell their handicraft products. The Foundation has also [...] Read More »

Training and Employment

Support for training programs and vocational rehabilitation mostly resulting in employment in the areas of modern business including the provision of training in a number of areas such as sales management, education of special needs people and maintenance of computers. The training and education also include English language, computer disciplines, sewing, cooking and beautician’s courses.